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Python Machine Learning: Practical Guide for Beginners-P2P

The overall aim of this book is to help you understand the application of machine learning techniques with python. Machine learning is a field of Artificial Intelligence that uses algorithms to learn from data and make predictions. This means that we can feed data into an algorithm, and use it to make predictions about what might happen in the future. This book is a practical guide through the basic principles of machine learning and how to get started with machine learning using Python based on libraries that make machine learning easy to get started with.

Python Machine Learning: Practical Guide for Beginners by Francois Duval-P2P
English | 2017 | ISBN: 1985670968 | 136 pages | PDF/EPUB/AZW3 | 6.7 MB

Cool Cars-P2P

A comprehensive and compact guide to the world’s best cars, Cool Cars features more than a hundred classic cars, from the Bentley R-Type Continental and the Buick Roadmaster to the Datsun 240Z and the Lamborghini Countach.

Stunning multi-angle photography reveals the true craftsmanship and beauty of these classic cars, while the text pays tribute to each vehicle and explains why it’s destined to be a classic. Cool Cars is a must-have gift for motor enthusiasts everywhere …

Cool Cars by Quentin Willson-P2P
English | 2014 | ISBN: 1465415963 | 480 pages | True PDF | 56.7 MB

You Can Fix Your Brain-P2P

For anyone worried about any type of brain ailment, ranging from the chronic conditions to simple brain fog and fatigue, this essential guide covers the full spectrum of prevention to treatment.

We’ve all experienced brain fog—misplaced keys, forgotten facts, a general feeling that you’re just feeling off today. And many of us will experience that “fog” manifesting as something more permanent—either in ourselves or our loved ones.

No matter what your current brain health state may be, You Can Fix Your Brain will enable and empower you to take concrete steps that will make an immediate difference in your brain’s vitality, clarity, and energy. Your memory will improve, fogginess will disappear, you’ll be less tired all the time, and much more. And, you’ll learn that these aren’t empty promises. Dr. Tom O’Bryan, author of The Autoimmune Fix, knows how to create lasting changes in health, and he’s here to share them with you.

It’s a step-by-step approach to better cognitive function—being selective about what’s on your fork, what’s in your environment, and how you take care of yourself can make a world of difference. With only one hour a week of practice, in 6 months, you can say goodbye to brain fog and welcome a better long-term memory and a sharper mind.

You Can Fix Your Brain by Tom O’Bryan-P2P
English | September 18th, 2018 | ISBN: 1623367026 | 304 Pages | EPUB | 14.4 MB

The Two-Pencil Method: The Revolutionary Approach to Drawing It All-P2P

From the best-selling artist and YouTube art instructor, this book features step-by-step lessons that show you how to draw professional-quality portraits, landscapes, travel sketches, and animals using only two ordinary pencils.

Great art doesn’t have to be expensive. For the cost of a regular graphite writing pencil and an equally ordinary black colored pencil, you can create drawings worthy of framing and displaying. In this straightforward, aspiring artist’s guide to rendering a variety of popular subjects with only two pencils, artist and art instructor Mark Crilley presents a direct, approachable, and achievable method for drawing just about anything. The Two-Pencil Method breaks down Crilley’s techniques across six chapters of five lessons each. In each lesson, you’ll learn how the two-pencil method can add depth and shading, allowing you to create bold and distinctive drawings that go beyond mere sketchbook doodles. The book moves from a primer on drawing basics to step-by-step examples of still lifes, landscapes, animals, travel sketches, and portraits. With each chapter, Crilley’s confident and encouraging voice and expert insights demonstrate how to achieve stunning artistic results from the simplest of art materials.

The Two-Pencil Method: The Revolutionary Approach to Drawing It All by Mark Crilley-P2P
English | September 18th, 2018 | ISBN: 0399581251 | 160 Pages | EPUB | 126.4 MB

How to Grow Mushrooms from Scratch-P2P

Yes, you can grow mushrooms from scratch!

Why grow mushrooms?
Mushrooms are a joy to grow—for food, as a garden feature, or just for fun—and it’s easier than you think! How to Grow Mushrooms from Scratch covers 19 varieties, from button (always versatile) to reishi (a medicinal powerhouse). Plus, here are delicious recipes, preserving methods, and more.

Where can you grow mushrooms?
Mushrooms will thrive in your garden, on your windowsill, and even in your basement. The key is to pick the right growing medium for your mushroom—a log, a bale of hay, or a simple pot of dirt—and give it a little shade.

How to grow mushrooms!
Experts Magdalena and Herbert Wurth explain every step of cultivation—whether starting from a kit, a culture, or a grown mushroom you’d like to propagate. From protecting mushrooms in extreme weather, to troubleshooting pests, here is expert advice for beginners and experienced growers alike!

How to Grow Mushrooms from Scratch by Magdalena Wurth, Herbert Wurth-P2P
English | September 18th, 2018 | ISBN: 1615194916 | 144 Pages | EPUB | 23.5 MB

Chicago Architecture and Design, 3rd Edition-P2P

The birthplace of the skyscraper, Chicago is famous for an architectural tradition that has influenced building around the globe. It is the cradle of modern architecture. It gave rise to the urban office building and to the flowing, open floor plans of today’s homes.

Chicago Architecture and Design chronicles the city’s architecture from the 19th through the early 21st century: from the structural simplicity of Chicago School commercial building to the low-slung Prairie School house, from the streamlined Art Deco skyscraper to the minimalist Miesian tower of glass and steel, and all the way through to the strikingly original, diverse designs of the present day’s second modern period. It examines the evolution of modern architecture in the context of broader historical, social, technological, and artistic currents and explores innovations that pushed buildings ever higher. This third edition adds 10 new buildings from the last decade, including Renzo Piano’s Modern Wing of the Art Institute, John Ronan’s Poetry Foundation, and Helmut Jahn’s Mansueto Library at the University of Chicago.

Chicago Architecture and Design, 3rd Edition by Jay Pridmore, George A. Larson
English | September 18th, 2018 | ISBN: 1419732315 | 328 Pages | EPUB | 205.4 MB

Matlab Partial Differential Equation Toolbox-P2P

Analize data, develop algorithms, and create mathematical models. MATLAB® combines a desktop environment tuned for iterative analysis and design processes with a programming language that expresses matrix and array mathematics directly.

Matlab Partial Differential Equation Toolbox-P2P
English | 2018 | ISBN: n/a | 1762 Pages | PDF | 14.9 MB

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